Tuesday, October 29, 2013

About LaCrosse Science...

We wanted to share a little about our selves and our school. So, we will tell you a little about us, our school, and our state! We hope this is a good introduction.

We are bright students that try our best. We are fifth graders, which is 10-11 years old. We are sixth period science which meets from about 1:45-2:30 pm. There are five teachers in our grade. Mrs. LaCrosse just teaches us science and gym.

Our school is called Woodlands Intermediate School and is grades 3-6. We have a butterfly garden at the front of the building. We have two sections to our playground. For recess, we like kickball, basketball, and football. We have a lot of clubs to join like Lego, Running club, chess club, ecology club, academic challenge. We have an awesome principal named, Mr. Doughty.

Our state is Ohio, and we are home to the Buckeyes, Browns, and Indians. Our state flower is the red carnation. Our state bird is the cardinal. We like the Cincinatti Bengals. Our state animal is the white-tailed deer. We live on Lake Erie, so our weather changes frequently. We have what is called "lake effect". It gives us crazy winter weather with huge snowstorms. Right now we are in our fall season and the weather is mild.

We hope this gives a little introduction to us. We will be sharing about animal adaptations this week! So, stay tuned for tomorrow's post.


  1. Hi La Crosse Science,

    Thanks for sharing your school and state with us. It seems like you love a lot of sport. We had to Google lots of the teams that you talked about in your post. We saw that lots of the teams seemed to be Football. Are they all playing in the same League?

    Some of us are really jealous of the clubs that you have at your school. To some of us, Lego club sounds like a dream come true! We only have Gardening Club, Wool Craft Club and Skipping Club. We are also having a Yu Gi Oh competition next week. Do any girls do Lego club? How many students can join?

    We looked up your state bird and flower and thought they were beautiful. They are similar colours. Our State flower, the Waratah, is also red. Our State bird is the Kookaburra. Kookaburras are known for their laugh. Unfortunately, they start laughing very early sometimes.

    Do you wear a uniform to school? Do you have to move classes for each period, or do the teachers come to you? We stay in the same classroom most of the time.

    From your Blogging Buddies, Marsden

  2. Hi, thank you for responding to our blog. The Browns and Cincinatti are in the same league. Do you have any football teams where you are? If so what are there names? All of are clubs are open to boys and girls and the numbers of students are limitless. We would like to know what Yu Gi Oh competitions are and what is the Skipping Club is but the Wool Craft Club sounds really fun. No we do not wear uniforms but do you? Yes we have to change classes every period. Our periods last about 50 minutes. How long are yours? Thanks again for blogging with us we can't wait to read your response.

  3. Hi La Crosse Science,

    Thankyou for responding to our questions. We are so excited to learn about schools in different countries.

    In Australia, we don't play the same kind of football as you. We have Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL (Australian Football League) and Soccer. In Rugby League, there are 16 different teams and lots of them are in Sydney so we all go for different teams. Our teacher likes the Dragons, some of us go for Bulldogs, Broncos, Rabbitohs or Eels. In Rugby Union, our State team is called the Waratahs, after our state flower. In AFL we go for the Sydney Swans. In soccer, Sydney has 2 teams called the Wanderers or Sydney FC.

    Yu Gi Oh is a trading card game where different cards have different values. It's very complicated. In skipping club we just skip (jump rope) and learn tricks. In Wool Craft we are learning to do French Knitting and proper knitting.

    We do wear uniforms to school but sometimes we have Mufti Days (and for special occasions) where we are allowed to wear our normal clothes. In Year 6, we get a special T-Shirt that is different from everyone's normal uniform. Today we are wearing our Halloween Clothes and we brought a Gold Coin Donation (That's $1 or $2) to give to the NSW Bushfire Appeal after the terrible bushfires of the last 2 weeks. There were prizes for the 2 best costumes in each class. Visit our blog if you would like to see a picture of us in our costumes!
    We wish we didn't have to wear uniforms!
    We don't have periods until High School (Year 7).

    from Marsden

    1. We think your school is pretty awesome! We think it is cool you have different Rugby teams in Sydney. Our class thinks that it is awesome you can wear your Halloween costumes to school. We think that it would be cool to learn how to french knit and proper knit. What do you guys knit? Where do you do skipping club? It sounds pretty fun!
      Happy Halloween!

  4. Hi Lacrosse Science. We are very interested to hear more about the lake effect weather. We plan to do some research on the topic. How much snow do you get? When does it normally begin snowing? Is your school cancelled when you have a big snowstorm? We don't get much snow here in Texas. When it does snow school is usually cancelled.

    We have a science club at our school, too. We also have a Chinese club, chess club, science club, dance, and choir. Lots of third graders are in choir.

    Do you celebrate Halloween at your school. Are you allowed to dress up? We celebrate at our school and call it Gump Day.

    We are excited to blog with you.
    Mrs. Weth's Wonderful Workers

    1. Lake effect weather makes our normally scheduled weather different. We have a temperate climate with 4 seasons. When we are changing from fall to winter, Lake Erie slows down our process of getting colder. So, we stay warmer than areas away from the lake. With a warmer lake, you also get heavier snow amount. Also, the lake stays colder from spring to summer. This makes it very chilly to go swimming at first in the beginning of June.

      We kind of celebrate Halloween at our school. Some people hand out candy, but we don't have a big party or a day off. That would be nice! We don't dress up either. Gump Day sounds like fun!