Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Closing Up Life Science...Blasting Into Earth & Space!

Our school year started off with a topic that we all find interesting, Life Science. Learning about life cycles, energy flow in ecosystems, plant and animal adaptations, and food webs can be a lot of fun. We did many activities to learn this information, including:

  • An awesome trip to Stone Lab!
  • Visits to our butterfly garden.
  • Many classroom investigations...including a cicada dissection, an owl pellet dissection, and killing a plant by depriving it of light.
  • Water cycle activities
  • Brain pops
  • Study Jams videos
  • Blog posts
Now, we are ready to jump into Earth and Space Science. This is Mrs. LaCrosse's favorite area! So, there will be some very fun learning going on, including a field trip to the Challenger Learning Center in December.


  1. Hi everyone!

    We enjoyed reading your blog post and reading about what you are learning in Science. What grade are you in? Where are you located in the world?

    We had to research some of the items you talked about in your post. We didn't know what cicada was because we don't think we have any in Alberta, Canada. Do you know where they originate from?

    Do you have a butterfly garden in your school? What does it look like? How many butterflies do you have?

    What is an owl pellet and what did you learn from dissecting them and cicadas?

    The Challenger Learning Center sounds really cool! What will you be doing there?

    Talk to you soon,

    Grade 4 Bears

    1. The butterfly garden is closing up for the winter. So, we don't have many butterflies. They migrated to a warmer climate which would be in the southern US.

      We do not know where cicadas originated from. We see and hear them in the late summer every 13 or 17 years. We leaned about their shell (exoskeleton) and how many legs they have.

      Owl pellets are the throw up from owls after they eat. It is full of fur and bone. By dissecting them, you learn what the owl ate. We found rat bones, mice bones, mole skulls, and bug wings!