Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Animal Adaptations Work

We loved watching this video today!

Camel Adaptations


  1. Hi La Crosse Science,

    We loved this video and some of us researched to find out some other cool animal adaptations.
    Param found out that there is a Leopard Frog that actually completely freezes in winter but as the ice melts, so does it, and it comes back to life.
    We also found out that Kangaroos are able to 'pause' the growth of an embryo if there is a drought, and then the joey begins to grow again once there is food available.
    Julie found out that Polar Bears have adapted to their environment in lots of ways, such as their big paws, which stop them from slipping in the snow. They have a thick layer of fat under their skin and thick fur to keep them warm.
    Julinda found out that a shark can grow 30000 teeth in its lifetime.
    Kevin found out that the Leopard Gecko has a double layer of skin so they don't dry out in the desert and they have tails that easily break off so predators can't eat them.
    We hope you like our facts!
    from Marsden

  2. Our class thinks it is fascinating how animals adapt to their environment. We think it is cool you found out that sharks can grow 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. We think it is interesting how you found out a lot of different types of animals that adapt. We like your facts!